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From Ranking to "Adaptation10" - Your new guide to the emerging adaptation economy

We are living in a world being transformed by climate change. Businesses, cities, and entire countries have to adapt to a hotter, harsher climate — one that will usher in more frequent and severe extreme weather events.

This isn’t speculation. It is a fact. Though collectively we have made progress toward reducing the emission of planet-warming gases, the vast amount already pumped into the atmosphere means certain physical impacts have been locked in. It’s now certain that global warming will intensify over the next 30 years.

What’s unclear is how humanity will respond.

It will take a monumental effort to prepare individuals and communities for the climate shocks to come, and to strengthen them against their impacts. However, there is a new climate adaptation economy on the rise designed to do just that. A whole host of exciting, innovative companies are flocking to the market, promising businesses, consumers, and governments solutions to their adaptation needs.

It’s a fast-moving and bewildering space. That’s where we come in. Climate Proof and DSR & Partners have joined forces to produce the Adaptation10 series, your guide to the emerging adaptation economy. 

Each month, we spotlight ten companies promising adaptation solutions for specific climate risks — such as drought, floods, wildfires, and severe storms. We tell the stories of these emerging champions and provide useful data on where they fit into the broader ecosystem of climate solutions, allowing you to build a clearer picture of the adaptation economy.  

Access to the Adaptation10 series is tiered. LinkedIn subscribers can access a limited preview of each month’s research. Upgrade to a Climate Proof paid membership to unlock all ten company profiles each month, along with additional data.

The Adaptation10 series promises to be essential reading for investors, corporates, and other stakeholders wanting to learn more about the adaptation economy. We trust you'll find each report as interesting and fun to read as we found them to write.

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Summer is here, and it’s already a scorcher.  This past May was the 12th month in a row where the average temperature set a new record for that month.(May 2024 was Earth’s warmest May on record | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( 

Heatwaves have blighted northern Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, the US, Mexico, and dozens of other countries –  torturing over one billion people. While we are used to putting a hat and a scarf on when it is cold, “hot weather gear” is still an alien concept to many. . ( Although there is “Techniche”, as featured in our 6th startup ranking: The 6th Adaptation StartUp Ranking (

Excessive brings with it a wide array of perils – one of which is drought. 

In Germany and central Europe, droughts have been among the most painful climate impacts of recent years. The same is true of the western US and large parts of Africa and South Asia. 

Heat also brings about conditions that make other climate shocks more devastating. Think of the immense floods that hit Germany earlier this year and this month. As Prof Stefan Rahmstorf from Potsdam Institute, a leading climate scientist, explained at a recent conference, higher temperatures allow the atmosphere to store more humidity, meaning rainstorms unleash more water, and in a more concentrated fashion. (Tipping risk of the Atlantic Ocean's overturning circulation, AMOC. Keynote by Prof. Rahmstorf (

This month’s Adaptation10 encompasses companies that address challenges brought about by heat – especially drought and wildfire. We start, as always, by telling a story that contextualizes these startups and their solutions. Some of this month’s companies may be familiar to you, as they starred at the recent Adapt Your World conference in Munich. 

We unveil 3 out of 10 companies already.

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A small imaginary story about our companies 

Imagine a once-thriving farm, nestled near what was until recently a dense forest that provided shade and sustenance. 

Now the land is changing. 

Climate change is ushering in severe drought conditions Yields are dwindling, water is scarce, and once-fertile soil is turning to dust. The nearby forest is turning dry and brittle, just waiting for a spark to burst into flames.. 

The farm is on the brink of collapse – but it is not beyond saving. There is still hope, in the form of ten innovative startups, each  with a unique solution to combat the devastating effects of drought.

First among them is Orora, the brainchild of a group of young engineers, who have pioneered a constellation of nanosatellites designed to monitor and predict wildfires with unparalleled precision. These vigilant "eyes in the sky" scan the earth, capturing thermal images and relaying critical data in real-time. Orora's advanced AI algorithms analyze this data , watching for the slightest signs of ignition, providing early warnings that allow firefighters to respond swiftly.

Next is xxx, offering a revolutionary substance that could transform the parched soil. This substance, a special blend of organic materials and minerals, is applied to the fields. It works by improving the soil's ability to retain water, reducing evaporation and enhancing its overall fertility. Within weeks, the soil begins to show signs of recovery.

xxx is the third startup, bringing drones and AI technology to help reforest the farm’s perimeter. The drones carry specially designed seed pods that can be planted quickly and efficiently. The seeds are chosen for their drought-resistant properties, ensuring that new trees and undergrowth  are more resilient to harsh conditions.

xxx is also on hand to restore the soil’s vitality. The company uses a combination of techniques to enrich the earth and promote biodiversity. Their efforts transform barren scrubland into lush, fertile regions teeming with life.

While Land Life restores the land, xxx focuses on water health. Its unique “Plankton AI” identifies harmful algaes, allowing for real-time monitoring of water quality threats that are exacerbated by heat and drought. 

xxx guards the farm against encroaching wildfire risks using an innovative, Internet of Things-based early wildfire detection system. Their sensors, scattered throughout the forest that surrounds the farm, are able to detect changes in temperature, humidity, and air composition. This networked approach provides early warning of dangerous blazes, helping emergency services.

Climate Crop focuses on reviving the farm’s crop yields.. By utilizing advanced breeding techniques, they develop crops that can thrive in drought conditions without the need for genetic modification. These new crops are more productive, but do not require additional resources, helping the farm to stay afloat.

Rainmaker Worldwide conjures water from the air, helping the farm address the scarcity of this vital resource. The company uses wind, electricity and basic technology to extract water from the air. This method provides a reliable source of fresh water, even in the driest conditions.

Obtaining water is one challenge – using it wisely is another. xxx is on hand to help with an array of  satellites and thermal cameras, which are able to detect water leaks and identify areas stricken by drought. Their technology enables  precise irrigation, ensuring the farm's water is used efficiently, targeting the areas that need it most.

Finally, xxx provides the farm with  land surface temperature data, which is useful for forecasting crop yields and improving irrigation practices. Their satellite imagery offers detailed insights into the health of the farm’s produce and the effectiveness of its irrigation systems, allowing for better planning and resource management.

Together, these startups transform the struggling farm into a model of resilience and sustainability. The once dry and barren land flourishes with new life, and the forest regains its lush greenery. The farm not only survives but thrives, becoming an example for others to follow.

The success of this farm inspires countless other producers  to embrace adaptation and resilience technologies. Agriculture across the region becomes more resilient as a result, and farmers are able to persist  in the face of a changing climate. 

The combination of the benefits provided by these  startups show that innovation and technology can pave the way for a sustainable future, where farmers are able to continue to live and work on the land they love.

Climate Crop

Rainmaker worldwide

Orora Technologies

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