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THE SHIFT - Roundtable #2 - virtual

“Adapt to survive: What companies can learn from the frontlines of climate change”

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In the face of escalating climate impacts, it is crucial for businesses not only to innovate but also to look towards those already adapting to significant changes. Around the world, regions hit hardest by climate change have been the proving grounds for resilience and adaptation strategies that could provide valuable lessons for the corporate sector. Our upcoming 2nd roundtable discussion, moderated by Ina Karabasz, Co-Head of the Business Section at Handelsblatt, Germany's leading economic newspaper, will explore how businesses can draw on the experiences of these frontline regions to better prepare and adapt their operations. We will delve into existing solutions that have proven effective in dealing with severe weather events, rising sea levels, and other climate-related challenges. By examining these strategies, companies can learn not only how to mitigate risks but also how to turn adaptation efforts into opportunities for growth and innovation. Joining the discussion will be notable speakers such as Prof. Johanna Nalau, an authority on climate adaptation research; Marcia Toledo, Director Adaptation & Resilience of the Climate Champions Team, with firsthand experience in resilience projects in vulnerable regions; and Thomas Krick, Partner at DSR & Partners (The Climate Adaptation Advisors). Mr. Krick will provide insights into how companies are advancing sustainability and adapting to new environmental realities. Join us as we discuss the importance of looking beyond traditional business practices and towards those who are leading the way in climate resilience. This is an opportunity to understand the practical implications of climate change and how embracing proven adaptation strategies can ensure business continuity in an uncertain future. In anticipation of THE SHIFT - the 1st Corporate Climate Adaptation Conference on November 6th (, we're launching a series of roundtables. These meetings will explore various perspectives on advancing adaptation strategies, featuring diverse speakers at different locations. After April´s LIVE session in Cologne, we are meeting virtually this time, in order to allow a wider audience to participate. The upcoming meeting on June 17th will take place LIVE in Hamburg.


Albertstraße 1, Viersen, Germany

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