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The 2nd Climate Adaptation StartUp Ranking

Welcome Back for the second edition. This week, the message is clear, almost like the “writing on the wall”. In the backdrop of the World Economic Forum, the topic of climate adaptation is increasingly surfacing in public debates. Consider the 19th Global Risk report, which highlights extreme weather as the #2 risk in the near future, with environmental risks occupying the top four positions in the long run. Additionally, reinsurance companies like SwissRE are adopting a fact-based approach, pointing out global economic losses of approximately $275bn due to natural disasters in 2022. It's heartening to see the shift in conversation from "doomsterism" to "hope in technology", as evidenced by the latest WEF report on Innovation & Adaptation.

Let's Dive In

As I mentioned in my first ranking, I am presenting monthly inspiring solutions to adapt to the four major climate threats: Heat, Drought, Flood, and Storm. Today's focus is Heat:

  • Deaths related to extreme heat are on the rise. (The Guardian)

  • The frequency of heatwaves has significantly increased, affecting more than 80% of regions worldwide. (IPCC 6th report Chapter 11)

  • Cities are developing heat islands with critical effects on citizens. (U.S. EPA)

Therefore, companies offering innovative solutions to tackle this urgent challenge are more crucial than ever. This week, I've selected a TOP5 list, ranging from software for forecasting extreme weather to deep-tech & nature-based solutions for increasing resilience. This illustrates the diversity of adaptation technologies that will help us to get prepared for a >3°C world to come. #hope

1.  Jupiter intelligence

"Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will not fear the result of a hundred battles" (Sun Tzu). Understanding the specific implications of climate change allows for effective response strategies. Jupiter Intelligence, a U.S. software company, provides advanced climate risk analytics to organizations, aiding in understanding and managing climate change impacts. Their main product, ClimateScore Global, offers detailed insights into various climate-related threats, including scientifically based, predictive climate models covering 11,000 KPIs for nearly every location globally. This knowledge enables the development of informed adaptation strategies. Now you can know “your enemy” and develop adaptation strategies in the following.

2.  SkyCool Systems

SkyCool Systems, a Californian tech start-up, is revolutionizing the way we cool our surroundings, an effort I fully support. Their innovation lies in Radiative Cooling Panels, a passive method of cooling up to 8°C below ambient temperature without using energy. These panels significantly boost the efficiency of installed HVAC & cooling systems by 10-40%. Additionally, they can save double to triple the energy generated by a solar panel of the same area, especially effective in hot conditions to reduce peak air conditioning demand. Talk to your local Utility how much they would like it…

3. Junglefy

Nature-based solutions are vital in tackling heat islands in cities. Junglefy, an Australian startup, has developed a green breathable wall that cools buildings and purifies air. These walls, which can be installed inside or outside buildings, can reduce concrete temperatures by up to 20 degrees. A bonus: they provide fresh air for the city and its surroundings through water evaporation.

Breath in... Breath out...

4. Albotherm

"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment," Jane Austen wrote, likely not foreseeing how Bristol-based Albotherm would bring this to life in 2024. They provide energy-free temperature control solutions with a glass coating that creates shade. In hot summers, uncoated glass surfaces heat up significantly, demanding considerable energy for cooling. Albotherm's adaptive glass coating transitions from transparent to opaque, reducing solar gain without additional energy. Applying this technology to greenhouses, for example, could increase food productivity by up to 34% - or in the words of Jane Austen: “It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable.” (Pride & Prejudice)

5. GuardTop

GuardTop, a Californian manufacturer, offers innovative sealing products for asphalt surfaces to enhance their durability under constant external impacts. One standout feature is their "CoolSeal," an asphalt sealant that can lower surface temperatures by 6°C – 15°C. This lighter-colored and reflective road surface replaces traditional heat-absorbing asphalt that can reach temperatures of up to 70°C. While their sustainable approach aims to counteract problems caused by heat islands, it's important to note that it still involves soil sealing and should be considered a retrofitting solution rather than promoting further soil sealing.


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