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Cool Ants

Freia Torge

Freia Torge

Climate Materials

Rethinking year-round thermal insulation

Freia Torge has spent many years working in various fields as a customer and corporate consultant and, following her parental leave, founded the company Cool Ants Germany with partners with the aim of establishing innovative thermal materials and products derived from them on the German market. Due to the energy crisis, she expanded the portfolio in 2022 to include climate materials that not only protect against heat in summer but also against cold in winter. All products distributed by Cool Ants Germany work in a completely different physical manner than classic insulation materials do. And all products have in common that they function without technology and energy and without major constructional measures. This makes it possible to easily tap into previously untapped cold or heat protection potential, and enables solutions that were previously unattainable. Thanks to the availability of different materials from various manufacturers, customer-specific optimal solutions for a wide variety of issues can be developed on this basis - ranging from air conditioning-free heat protection in storage containers to all climate issues around buildings and to solving condensation problems in trams and heat-related occupational safety measures.

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