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SOP Architects

Kresimir Radnic

Kresimir Radnic

Building analyses

Kresimir Radnic is an experienced associate architect and project developer. In his work at SOP, he plays a significant role in planning and implementing construction measures related to climate change adaptation. Our cooperation partner SOP (slapa oberholz pszczulny | sop architekten) develops and revitalizes buildings regardless of their type and size, standing for clear, timeless architecture with international appeal. The Düsseldorf-based office provides comprehensive services for construction projects or the further development and revitalization of existing buildings. Sustainable, low-emission, and resource-saving concepts, as well as measures for climate adaptation, are at the forefront of every design, as evidenced by numerous certificates and awards. These include, for example, roof and façade greening, rainwater management and retention, a circular and adaptable selection of construction materials, or the autonomous energy and heating supply for buildings.

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